“My husband is recently underperforming in bed due to belly size” Governor Cyprian Awiti’s wife now cries

Rosila Awiti has now come out to complain about Governor Cyprian Awiti’s bedroom performance.

Speaking to Hivipunde TV, Rosila publicly reveals that her husband no longer has the stamina to satisfy her sexual desires due to his busy schedule and belly size. According to the Homabay first lady, her husband’s ever-increasing potbelly has tempered with his sexual prowess.

“I tell you I have been there and I am still there. My union to Cyprian has been full of love but I must admit it also has its challenges. I am happy we built our marriage on pure love and not material things. All I can advise the young women is that it is not easy as you may think out there” Rosila said in a statement.

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