Lilian Ng’ang’a now says even artists Bahati and Willy Paul are better in bed than Governor Mutua,leave alone Juliani!

Former Machakos finest Lilian Ng’ang’a now recalls her past love life with Governor Alfred Mutua, describing him as a poor bedroom performer.

According to Lilian Ng’ang’a, the bedroom prowess of artists Bahati and Willy Paul surpass that of Governor Mutua by far.

In a note to Hivipunde TV, the sassy Lilian Nganga has showered praises to her new man,Juliani.

“All I can say is that I am happy in the new relationship.Juliani knows where to hit a woman.Huko kwingine at times nilikuwa nashikilia na vidole ndio nitimiziwe haki yangu na ukicomplain you become a punching bag in the house” an unapologetic Lilian Nganga said

Lilian Ng’ang’a broke up with Machakos Governor on August 16.

The two announced that they had chosen to go separate ways, but will still remain to be friends.

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