“A Luo who does not have HIV and AIDS is a pretender” Pastor Ng’ang’a now says

Pastor Ng’ang’a is at it declaring war with the Luo community for being immoral in the society.

A new clip of Neno Evangelism Pastor James Ng’ang’a has angered Kenyans on social media.

In an undated video that has since gone viral online, Pastor Ng’ang’a is heard challenging his congregation to show show him any Luo without the HIV/Aids virus and he will undoubtedly offer Ksh one million as reward.

The televangelist says he cannot condone immorality in the society while the Luo nation is heading to hell.

“Hawa watu wa Nyanza wanaendelea kukera Mungu. Jehenamu yazidi kupanuliwa juu yao. Nionyeshe jaluo hana ukimwi nimpee milioni moja …” said Ng’ang’a.

“It has come to an extent that we all know that a Luo who does not have HIV and AIDS is a pretender and that is a bad precedence” he added.

Social media users accused Pastor Ng’anga of promoting tribalism in the country urging relevant authorities to apprehend the televangelist..

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