Drama as Oscar Sudi accuses Embakasi East MP,Babu Owino of raping him on Monday night.

Kapseret legislator, Oscar Sudi now wants Babu Owino apprehended accusing him of rape. Sudi’s allegations have sparked a heated debate in the country with a majority of the opposition followers urging him to see a psychiatrist for a mental checkup.

On the 13th of September, Sudi alleges that he and Babu Owino had a meeting at the Royal Tulip Canaan Nairobi based in Hurlingham. The two were to discuss politics on the possibility of working together in the near future before things turned sour.

Sudi details that they shared whisky together and the next place he found himself was on a 6 by 6 bed completely naked. Babu Owino had already left and this worried him a lot as he suspects his counterpart might have done the unthinkable to him.

“Hiyo pumbavu inaitwa Babu Owino inafaa kuwekwa ndani. Nilijipata nimelala uchi kwa kitanda na sijui nani alinitoa nguo.Nataka uchunguzi ifanywe,hata sahi naelekea VCT” Sudi quipped.

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