“Ni uchungu sana mom,niliteleza” Rue Baby’s sheds tears,sues lecturer who infected her with HIV/AIDS

Akothee’s second-born daughter speaks of her HIV status urging the girlchild in the country to be extremely careful when dealing with the opposite gender.

In a one-to-one interview with a Hivipunde TV reporter, the 22-year-old says she has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Evans Ochuodho, a lecturer at Strathmore University who lured her into the sexual act in exchange for good grades at the end of the semester.

“I will do anything humanly possible to ensure justice is served.Itakuwa funzo kwa huyu mwalimu na wengine wenye tabia kama hizo” stated Rue Baby amidst tears.

The youthful Rue deeply regrets messing up at the same time urging young girls to avoid following her path. “All I can say is let us be vigilant guys.Nobody will protect you from diseases out here if you are not ready to keep your pants on. Ni uchungu sana mo,niliteleza”an emotional Rue Baby added.

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