“It was the lowest point of my life,regreted marrying” Tuju recalls how wife infected him with HIV/AIDS

Raphael Tuju who has had a terrible love life in the past recalls the year he contracted the AIDS virus from his unfaithful wife.

The marriage had ups and downs, and Tuju was very disturbed to an extent of making a conclusion of divorce. This hit all over, including social media platforms.

To Raphael Tuju, women betrayed him and that really changed his view on marriage. “The same year I realized she was having an affair out of the wedlock, I started becoming sickling little did I know I had contracted the virus which I later learned to live with it. I must admit it was the lowest point of my life” stated Tuju in a note to Hivipunde TV.

On the incident, Tony, Ruth, and Raphael Tuju had a meeting to discuss the matter. Upon critical discussion, Ruth and Tony concluded to separate.

After a while upon making an agreement, Ruth and Tonny were sported by security guards at Tuju’s home of residence, immediately Tuju was contacted and he arrived in a few and got the two at home red-handed. Tuju notified the police and they were arrested and taken to Kilimani police station for interrogation.

Tony Ogunda was charged with trespass. After a short period of time, Tonny was confirmed dead.

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