Why Margaret Kenyatta never speaks to kanze Dena

Life has never been smooth for Kanze Dena since the day she got a job as Spokesperson, Executive Office of the President, Republic of Kenya, and Head of President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU). Margaret Kenyatta has outrightly expressed her dislike for the curvaceous beauty pageant.

She will always shove her whenever they meet, a clear indication that Kenya’s first lady is insecure with the presence of the charming wizard within the Statehouse premises.

Sources have indicated that the two have been battling silently, with each one a share of Mr. Kenyatta’s cake.

On various occasions, a source indicates that the first lady has pinched Kanze Dena’s nose whenever she tries to converse with the head of state without her consent.

A privy source had revealed that the first lady had on another occasion told off Kanze Dena to keep off her marriage life or risk facing it the hard way from her.

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