Actress Yasmin Said celebrates 21 years as a virgin,reveals secret and lectures loose Kenyan women

Actress Yasmin said has left many tongues wagging after revealing that she is still a virgin at the age of 21. Lecturing Kenyan women to stop promiscuity and keep it in pants until marriage, Yasmin Said insists that she does not regret her decision to stay a virgin.

The beautiful actress in a one-to-one interview with our snoopy reporter revealed the ground-shaking news thanking her parents for guiding her well.

When asked to give the secret to remaining pure, the cheeky Yasmin Said responded “Stay focused by reading the holy books, normalize seeking counsel from the elderly and drink a lot of water”

Kenyan women have ganged up against the actress to rubbish her with a majority claiming that she is using her fame to attract attention from potential clients.

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