Babu Owino recalls the day he used Ksh 90 thousand notes as Tissue paper in Sondu Miriu.

Embakasi East legislator, Babu Owino has stirred mixed reactions amongst netizens after bragging of how he used a whopping Ksh 90 thousand notes as tissue paper while on tour to Sondu Miriu.

On the 11th of June this year, Babu Owino recalls how he found himself responding to the call of nature at a time he had no tissue paper.

“You may find it absurd Museu but that is what happened. I had visited an interior place in Sondu Miriu where I could not access tissue paper at the time the call of nature knocked my organs. In my pocket, I had roughly Ksh 90,000 and I had no option but to turn the notes into soft papers and use them as tissue” said Babu Owino to one of our reporters.

Some netizens have criticized the legislator urging that he should have helped the less fortunate in the society with the money instead of wasting it.

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