Nigerian man who bargained to pay a Nairobi sex worker in Nairas troubled after client demanded pay in Kshs after services

A Nigerian man identified as Mike Olives found himself in hot soup after seeking the services of a sex worker in Luthuli, Nairobi. The 33-year old who had reportedly arrived in the country for a business mission was introduced at the Luthuli-based club by a Kenyan friend before the ugly twist of events.

According to a source, Mike Olives had initially bargained to pay Caroline Ngui 500 nairas for the services and that is an equivalent of Ksh 135.

Drama, tension, and pandemonium ensued at the dingy club as Caroline Ngui who had suspended peace maintained that she thought her client meant to give her Ksh 500 after the services and not 500 nairas.

It took the intervention of Mike Olives’ friend to contain the situation as he was forced to fuliza the balance of Ksh 365 to Caroline Ngui who had threatened to sophisticate the belongings of her clients if he could fail to cooperate.

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