“I started my cattle ranch with a capital of Ksh 2000 in the year 1979” Gideon Moi on his journey to becoming a bilionaire

Gideon Moi now says he started a cattle ranch with a capital of  Ksh 2000 in the year 1979. He had secured admission to the University of Salford in England to further his studies and this was when he realized there was a need for him to be independent .
Moi’s favorite son further reveals how he met a friend at the university who was a business-oriented guy and he is the one who motivated him to save money.
“He also taught me how to bargain and this helped me save more money because I used to be very extravagant” the Baringo senator recalls.
“At the end of the year, I had saved money amounting to 2100. I traveled back to Kenya and set up my first business of cattle ranch with a capital of 2000 and that was how my journey of becoming a billionaire started” the politician added.

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