“Tumeshindwa kuwalea hawa watoto,mzungu alitudanganya”Over 15 women who got pregnant for Mike Oliver now want Kenyans to intervene

It is now emerging that  Mike Oliver, popularly known in  Kenya as mzungu impregnated over 15 women during his short stay in Kenya.

A section of women who delivered babies in May and June this year have now expressed their disappointment with the mzungu baby daddy who had promised to take care of them once they delivered.

“Kusema ukweli tumeshindwa kuwalea hawa watoto.Nazungumza on behalf of other women who found themselves in the situation.Tunaitisha tu haki!” Gloria Nyokabi said.

Oliver who was labelled a serial player was keen preying on Kenyan women and exposing them on social media, especially after being with them for some sweet “good time”.

He became an internet sensation overnight after his photos got leaked online which showed him with different women each and every time he’s out.

Oliver left social media divided into two, one side believing that he has done well by exposing gold diggers out in public while the other side believing that he was not man enough for exposing women.

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