“I was Ruto’s girlfriend in class 6 but I am broke” Depressed woman urges Kenyans demand the DP to give her a job

Stella Mokia has sparked mixed reactions amongst social media users after publicly claiming that it is Deputy President William Ruto who escaped with her innocence very many years back.

The mother of 11 who has tried to reach out to the Deputy President in vain narrates to Hivipunde TV how their affair started at Kerotet Primary School.

“The chap was smart in mathematics while I was not good in the same. There is a day he approached promising to take me through the subject in exchange of something. I resisted at first but when he added that he would always be omitting my name from the list of noisemakers I had to give it a second thought. That is how Ruto became my boyfriend but I never saw him again after we joined different high schools” Stella said.

“I just want Kenyans to help me reach out to him juu yeye ndio anaeza nisaidia. Wanaume wamenitenda sana leaving me dead broke with children to take care of so maisha ya ndoa niliacha. ” she added.

Stella says she has never had the luck of getting a well-paying job appealing to the Deputy President to squeeze her in any position at his vast business as a way of appreciating and remembering the good times they had together in the past.

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