Meet Lisa Sparks, The Woman Who Holds The World Record For Sleeping With 919 Men In 24 Hours-Who Is Followed By Barrack Obama On Twitter

World records are held by practically unprecedented people. One of the most shocking of these is the world record for the most men slept within 24 hours. It is held by a lady named Lisa Sparks.

Lisa Sparks, spelt as Lisa Sparxxx, a United States adult film actress, accomplished the bizarre accomplishment in just 12 hours. Lisa Sparks set this somewhat surprising record on October 16, 2004, in Warsaw, Poland. She broke the first world record which was 759 men.

As per statistics released by the overseers of the world record, she slept with one man for an average of 45 seconds. That implies one man slept with her for 45 seconds before another would do the same. As indicated by her, she enjoyed every moment however she admitted that she felt pain for about a week.

Lisa is a popular adult film actress who enjoys a huge following on social media.

Former US President Barack Obama is one of her followers on twitter.

Lisa accepted the challenge as a feature of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship, where she was going up against two different ladies. Lisa won the opposition by engaging in sex with 919 men over a time of 12 hours. That is crazy sorry to say.

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