“I Will Form the next Gov’t With Governor Okoth Obado in 2022.” ~DP William Ruto

In his tour to charm ODM leader Raila Odinga’s supporters in Luo Nyanza, Deputy President William Ruto has not left anything to chance.
From donating money to churches and bodaboda Saccos, to expressing his generosity to hustlers in the region. In Migori, the DP told residents that he plans to form the next government with their governor, Okoth Obado.
Speaking to residents of Rapogi on Saturday, September 25, Ruto stated that he was determined to work with Obado after the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) deserted the governor and even tried to impeach him.
Ruto declared that he will work with Obado and form the next government, adding that ODM had been referring to the Migori County boss as his mole.
The DP further stated that his friendship with Obado had also caused the governor to lose favour with the Raila Odinga-led party that enjoys immense popularity in the region.
Ruto said he has always been friends with Obado since he was the Agriculture Minister during the Mwai Kibaki era. The DP stated he appointed Obado to head the Kenya sugar board.
“Obado is my friend and even ODM say he is Ruto’s mole and it’s because we have come from far together. When I was a minister I appointed him as the chairperson of the Kenya Sugar Board,” Dr Ruto remarked.
“The people of Rapogi I am asking you to give me Obado so that we can form the next government.”
Ruto went on to sell his 2022 agenda. Earlier the DP blamed the confusion in the Jubilee administration for the current unemployment rate in the country, promising to make things better when he will be in charge.
The DP castigated the government for failing to secure the economic welfare of Kenyans while he was speaking in Awendo.
“The government has to come up with policies that will ensure the youth are employed or they can run a business. Those who do not have a business or are unemployed are in this state because the government has failed,” Ruto stated.
“Every now and then especially when we are approaching general elections people come with the idea of changing the constitution so that we have different seats for leaders,” he added.

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