Netizens Enjoy Banter Over TV Sizes of Ababu Namwamba, Raila: “Baba Has a Microwave”

The 3-1 victory over Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium was celebrated by the die-hard fans across the world, among them handshake partner Raila Odinga. Raila, affably known as Baba, shared a photo of himself in joyous celebration with the caption “back to winning ways!”

Elsewhere, fellow politician Ababu Namwamba also uploaded photos of himself seated in front of a humongous TV set that dwarfs Raila’s by far.

“We are loving this one. Always trusting the process,” Ababu captioned it.

“Give Baba this TV. Remember you are the only Kenyan MP who was sworn in under Raila’s top leadership era.”

They also prevailed upon him to have the same enthusiasm of sharing match results on days Arsenal loses. Musolo Lugendo: “You are a plastic arsenal fan for when you lose your silence and posts remain loud, but when you are happy-go-lucky you go on a shouting spree.” Ombati Edwin: “Honourable, please be sharing like this also even when you lose, like that day the team was beaten 6-0 by Manchester City.

John Waithaka: “Honourable, you are already making noise over such a small victory, wait for a thorough beating from #GGMU.” Peter M. Maundu: “So now we won’t breathe? The season will still end in tears for the Gunners.”

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