Woman sues Tanzania hospital over infertility, demands Sh71m pay

What you need to know:

  • She accuses the hospital of causing the irretrievable loss of her womb.

Dar es Salaam,

A Tanzanian woman has sued a local hospital, alleging that she can no longer have children after going to the facility for a routine pap smear.

In a suit before the High Court in Dar es Salaam, Ms Florah Lengwana is seeking about Sh71 million (TSh1.5 billion) compensation from Kairuki Hospital and a Dr George Chugulu, citing alleged negligence.

Ms Lengwana accuses the hospital and the doctor of causing the irretrievable loss of her womb, as a result of which she alleges she no longer has hope of conceiving again.

She states that on July 2, 2018, while neither sick nor feeling any pain, she went to Kairuki Hospital for a routine pap smear, a cervical cancer screening test, which she had routinely done every three years.

Ms Lingwena states that upon arrival at the reception, she was advised that before undergoing the pap smear, she must first see Dr Chugulu, a gynaecologist, and fill NHIF forms in order to be attended to.

The plaintiff states in court papers that she briefed Dr Chugulu about her medical history and he advised her to undergo several other tests, one of which was a hysterosalpingography. She also alleges that the pap smear was not done.

“I was also advised to undergo an infertility test before I could be allowed to get a pap smear,” she states, adding that the doctor’s advice was wrong and negligent.

She says she had failed to conceive after giving birth to her only child six years earlier, and had undergone several medical procedures at different hospitals before coming to Kairuki Hospital.

But Dr Chugulu, in response to the suit, denied any relationship with Kairuki Hospital.

On its part, the hospital says it ordered the tests in order to get to the root cause of her infertility.

Ms Lengwana wants the court to declare that the hospital and doctor acted negligently and without care in treating her.

In a joint defence statement, Kairuki Hospital and Dr Chugulu have denied culpability and demanded that she proves her claims.

The case is before Justice Lilian Itemba and has been set for hearing on October 21, 2021 after both parties failed to settle the matter through mediation.

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