Mad political theatrics on the race to mountain top

The populous Mount Kenya region has is and will always be pivotal to Kenyan politics. Over eight million voters are from this region thus making it a darling of all presidential aspirants.

One after the other, in choppers and convoys, charming speeches, and even handouts. They’re desperate to win the voting block.

In Kiambu alone for instance in just one week, Ruto was present twice, Raila twice, Mudavadi once.

While the Hustler Nation is using their Bottom-up narrative, the other side talks of Azimio La Umoja.

Judging by the current statistics, Hustlers have something to smile about. However, how long they will be smiling will depend on the strategy used by the rivals. Odinga , Ruto’s archrival, enjoys the Governments backing. Nonetheless, with the massive following that Ruto has currently, it’s like Odinga is beginning a race some minutes after the starting shot. Albeit all that, he has been working. We have seen him on tv, several rallies trying to outwit Ruto. How he gains mileage is what should send alarms to Team Hustler.

They( Team Ruto) have been campaigning since the Handshake. Yet, still, Odinga still has a sizeable following. Who knows what the future holds. Especially,now that Moses Kuria(QR), who was once Ruto’s strongman seems missing in action. In additional, Martha Karua was chosen as the regional political spokesperson. Thus, weakening UDA, which was first seen as the monopoly.

One thing that is very obvious is that the region has always voted as a block. That would crown any of the aspirants. It’s important to note that it’s eleven months to elections. What will the scenario be like when it will be weeks to the deadline? Watch this space.

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