Prof Hamo Introduces Jemutai as His Wife at Political Event:”Come Over Babe”

On Thursday, September 30, Hamo introduced the mother of his kids, as “my wife”, a few months after the duo reconciled following a nasty online spat. The “comedy couple” entertained guests at Kanu’s Delegates Conference held at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.

After Prof Hamo had finished his performance, MC Jessy, who was the master of ceremony, struggled to find the right words to introduce Jemutai, who was next on stage. As MC Jessy hesitated while introducing Jemutai, Hamo made his work easy by recognising the comedienne as his wife. “We also have another comedian in the house. She is from the Rift Valley, and carries a guard of milk before,” MC Jessy said as he introduced Hamo who stood in front of him.

DNA results confirm Prof Hamo as father As previously reported by media houses, Prof Hamo had allegedly refused to pay for child support until a DNA test was done.

Jemutai had revealed that Hamo last visited his children in October 2020 before moving out of their Nairobi home and she decided to do a DNA to prove that Hamo sired her two kids. Jemutai also dropped a bombshell when she disclosed that there was a time she borrowed a loan of KSh 30,000 to pay for Hamo’s kids’ school fees. “Whenever I used to do shopping, I would do for her and her kids as well because I used to believe the other kids would feel bad if they saw mine doing well. I even used to pay for his kids’ school fees and pay rent for his first wife’s Nakuru house,” Jemutai said.

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