Oscar Sudi’s wife seeks divorce,says MP is wetting the bed

Lilian Sudi on Monday told Hivipunde TV that she is tired of living with her legislator husband because he is wetting the bed like a kid.

The youthful Lilian through her lawyer is now seeking to divorce the controversial Member of Parliament.

She said in a statement, “I am sick and tired of sharing the same bed with a grown-up who is wetting the bed.’

“Sudi is always putting my clothes on his urine to protect himself from the cold and I think I cannot stand this. It is absurd,” she added.

Lilian also accuses Oscar Sudi of drinking excessive alcohol and this has made him not perform in bed like other men.

“The chap is ever drunk; whenever he drinks, he wets the bed and when I talk to him about it in the morning, he roughs me up me” Lilian quipped.

“He has chased me and our children out of the house in the middle of the night on several occasions,” she added.

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