“Unaringa na nimetomba bibi yako mara mingi hadi matako” Pastor Kanyari tells Betty Bayo’s new husband

Pastor Kanyari has escalated the war of words with his ex-wife, Betty Bayo. The controversial preacher earlier today threatened Betty Bayo’s new husband telling him ‘ntakufiya’ referring to a trendy urban slang that implies that I will beat you mercilessly.

Kanyari further dissed Betty Bayo’s husband telling him how he used to have multiple sex with the musical artist before she got married to him.

“Sasa wewe unaringa na nimetomba bibi yako Mara mingi Sana hadi matako, una Shida bro, ulioa malaya”, said the controversial preacher..

Kanyari and Betty Bayo have ignited a war that might never end this time soon.

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