“Hio ball ilikuwa ya Willy Paul” Depressed DJ Mo finally reveals why Size 8 baby had to be aborted

Reports had earlier on indicated that gospel musician Size 8 on Friday lost her unborn child in a crucial surgical operation to save her life. Size 8’s husband, DJ Mo has now come out to reveal what exactly led to the termination of the pregnancy.

“It has not been easy for me as a husband. There is a time I even underwent depression after I learnt that my wife was pregnant this year and we were not seeing each other. I had to compel her to explain to me exactly what transpired and that is how she revealed to me the most shocking news any man can bear. Ball ilikuwa ya Willy Paul” an emotional DJ Mo told Hivipunde TV.

The youthful DJ further reveals how his musician wife went down on her knees admitting to having jeopardized the marriage institution. “I had no choice. Given that she has always given me second chances whenever I fault, I had to reciprocate but under the condition of terminating the bastard” DJ Mo added amidst sobs.

Size 8, whose real name is Linet Munyali, was in the second trimester of pregnancy.

In late August, the musician, 34, revealed that the pregnancy was unplanned, but her spouse, DJ Mo, 34, was happy to receive the news.

According to Size 8, she and DJ Mo, whose real name is Samuel Muraya, had planned to have only two children.

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