Kiambu Woman Fired by Supermarket for Taking Selfie with Celebrity Gets New Job at Prestigious Hotel

On Saturday, October 2, Njeri, who worked in a certain supermarket in Kimende, Lari was fired for taking a selfie with a comedian She was immediately fired after taking the selfie and this left her heartbroken The comedian identified as Baba Edu shared the injustice on social media and the lady now has a new job.

A moment that was meant to embarrass a Kiambu lady who worked in Kimende, Lari sub-county has turned in her favour and left people believing in the power of when one door closes, a new one opens. Njeri took this selfie with Baba Edu and she was immediately fired but she now has a better job.

t all started on, Saturday, October 2, for one Njeri who was going about her duties in one of the supermarkets in Kimende when she spotted a famous comedian identified as Babu Edu who walked into the retailer to buy something.

Njeri did what any Kenyan would do when they run into their favourite celebrity, ask for a quick selfie; however, as soon as Baba Edu, who is also a content creator on YouTube and a producer, took the selfie with the young lady, she was sacked. No warnings, no explanations, no nothing! She was simply shown the door and told the selfie with the producer had cost her the supermarket attendant job.

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