Court slaps man with 20-year jail term for defiling minor

Teacher Fredrick Mwangi Wango has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for defiling his Standard Six pupil.

Reports indicate that 45-year-old father of two caused drama in court after he was handed the sentence.

Wango had been found guilty of sex abuse during a court ruling on Friday, October 1.

He collapsed in court after Senior Principal Magistrate David Ndungi ruled that he was guilty of committing the offence.

First aid was administered to him and he was allowed to sit while Justice Ndungi read the rest of the verdict.

The prosecution told the court that the teacher sneaked out of school at around 10 am and return home while his wife and children were away. This is when he would molest the young girl.

Ndungi agreed with the testament of the young girl, who had recounted her sexual encounters with the teacher between 2015 and 2016.

“The girl could not remember the number of times the accused defiled her. He threatened her with dire consequences should she disclose the illicit and illegal affair,”

Justice Ndungi said.

Wango was arrested when he locked up the girl in his Mathare estate home and she failed to return home that day.

This prompted her parents to call her school and later report the incident to the police.

She was later discovered at Wango’s house, where he was also arrested, and the girl taken to hospital.

Medical reports indicated that the girl had deposits of semen and that her hymen had been torn due to repeated intercourse.

The court established that the teacher had turned the pupil into his wife, based on her testimony. She revealed that she would sneak from school and cohabit with Wango.

“The prosecution has proved that the accused defiled the complainant,” Justice Ndungi ruled.

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