Kenyan Artists videos pulled down from YouTube

Kenyans online are wondering what is happening since most of the top-viewed music videos have been pulled down from YouTube.

Kenyan Musician Otile Brown took to social media in protest about his music being pulled down, he stated that he is having a good time in South Africa and this is pissing him off.

Otile Brown’s top songs that are removed are Dusuma, Chaguo la Moyo, Aiyana, Such kinda love.

Otile brown

The next one to follow was Nadia Mukami barely 10 hours after Otile went down, four of her best songs were also pulled down without any notice.

Nadia Mukami’s Top Songs Wangu, Radio Love, Kolo, and Maombi have been deleted From YouTube.

Nadia Mukami

Part of the Sol Generation, musician Nviiri the Story Teller is also a victim after his songs, ‘Pombe Sigara and Niko Sawa’ were both pulled down.

”Talk to me directly….. asijifiche kwa internet.” Nviiri the Story Teller Commented on the pulldown.

Nviiri the story teller

Netizens are wondering what is happening since it is not clear if this is a single person’s doing with ill motives or a form of the crackdown.

Who is doing all this??

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