“Mutua used to give me one round,then say yeye si mjaluo each time I asked for matrimonial rights” Lilian Ng’ang’a on why she settled for a Luo man

Lilian Ng’anga maintains that her former husband could not satisfy her conjugal rights and that is the reason she had to look for the energetic Juliani to salvage her from the thirst.

She recalls how their marriage was full of loneliness. “The biggest thing any woman would want to have in this world is peace of mind. Money and all these flashy things you see can never bring joy to your heart when your man is not there for you” an unapologetic Lilian said in a statement.

“These big houses hide a lot. I must say that as a woman I never enjoyed my matrimonial rights as my man was so full of himself. He would engage me in a quickie, shove me off then arrogantly tell me niache kumtumia vibaya yeye si mjaluo. This really hit me hard” Lilian Ng’ang’a recalls.

“I started asking myself,kwani what is it with wajaluo and that is how I found myself with Juliani. It is him who hinted the route of joy and happiness to me and not any other person. One thing led to another and we found ourselves doing something and for sure no regrets. He knows where to hit” she added.

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