“Hata kama ni wewe unaweza oa demu anaendesha bike kama amekaa kiti ya nyuma?” Butita on why he has called in a quit on Mamito

The two lovebirds, comedians Butita and Mamito have sparked mixed reactions in the country after calling it a quit on each other today. In a lengthy post, Mamito had publicly expressed her disappointment with Butita accusing him of failing to give her the matrimonial rights.

“The love journey is the hardest on the planet. There is much women go through but nobody wants to speak about it because society will label us prostitutes. This has never made sense to me I am at a point I believe the institution is a scam and does not work”¬† read part of Mammito’s statement.

Comedian Butita did not hesitate to respond to the statement accusing Mamito of being over ambitious and over expecting from him. To Butita, Mamito is draining his energy and he no longer has time to concentrate on comedy.

“Women should just be serious. Hata kama ni Mungu anapeana round saba mimi nimtolee wapi? Hata kama ni wewe unaweza oa demu anaendesha bike kama amekaa kiti ya nyuma?Kuna vitu mimi sielewi na mambo ya relationships na imefika mahali mimi naona heri ikae” Butita quipped.

Kenyans on social media have ganged up reminding the two former lovebirds of the trendy urban slang mtaachana tu.

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