Just in: Musician Bahati collapses after trying Tangatanga sex style on wife,rushed to hospital

Artist Kevin Mbuvi Kioko popularly known as Bahati has been rushed to hospital after sex gimmicks on his wife went sour.

The young artist is alleged to have tried to perform the Tangatanga style to prove his bedroom prowess to his wife Diana before the unfortunate turn of events.

On Thursday afternoon, the youthful couple was having a good time together at their home when they decided to try a new sex style known as Tangatanga, Hivipunde TV has learnt.

“Everything was going on well before he fell on the ground. Medics are associating the situation to exhaustion and have been assured he gonna be okay” Diana spoke to a local daily.

The  Tangatanga style is a trendy sex position where a  man is supposed to squeeze his head through the legs as the woman humps him from the behind.

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