No quarantine for Kenyans

Fully vaccinated Kenyans are free to travel to Britain without restrictions from Monday, October 11 The new regulations form part of the UK’s efforts to open travel in and out of the country.

The continued progress in vaccination both in UK and Kenya and around the world means the government can confidently reduce the size of the red list.

The new regulations announced by Transport secretary Grant Shapps have seen several countries on the UK COVID-19 travel red list cut from 54 to seven.

“The measures announced today mark the next step as we continue to open up travel Earth globe Americas and provide stability for passengers luggage and industry airplane while remaining on track to keep travel open for good,” he said in his media release.

Others off the red list are  South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico, which requires travelers to quarantine in an approved hotel at their cost for ten whole days

Shapps also announced that passengers returning to England from these destinations would no longer be required to enter hotel quarantine.

The changes are part of the steps made by the UK in opening travel in and out of the country providing travel stability to passengers hard hit by the virus.

“Restoring people’s confidence in travel is key to rebuilding our economy and leveling up this country.

With fewer restrictions and more people traveling, we can all continue to move safely forward together along our pathway to recovery,” he said.

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