“Raila is still good in bed at 76,he knows where to hit like a young tiger” Ida Odinga

Ida Odinga has now come out to praise Raila Odinga’s bedroom prowess. In a statement seen by Hivipunde TV, Ida Odinga says that the ODM leader is her best friend, an amazing husband, and a responsible father of their children.

“Life is a journey. When I met him many years back it was love at first sight. We also had our own ups and downs but this did not deter us from focusing on the greater results at the end” Ida Odinga said in a statement.

Ida Odinga further reveals how her husband helps her in doing house chores, something that she finds unique in him.” We wash dishes together, clean the shelves in our bedroom together and even cook our favourite meals together. To me I believe we are ageing happily together” she added.

On whether the opposition chief is still capable in bedroom affairs, a sarcastic Ida Odinga responded “Of course at 76 he is still good in bed just like a young tiger. He knows where to hit and that makes me complete”

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