“I will never forgive him” Susan Kihika on how she had to abort Uhuru Kenyatta’s pregnancy to protect family’s name

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has come out to speak on rumours of her illicit affair with President Uhuru Kenyatta over the past years. Kihika believes her life changed when she met Mr Kenyatta at Pride Inn Paradise Beach resort based in Mombasa.

“I was on a business trip when I happened to strike the attention of a filthy rich man. We exchanged contacts and that is how I found myself being knocked up in the mix. One thing led to another and we did something together that got me pregnant” SusanĀ  Kihika detailed to a local daily.

To Susan Kihika, her being pregnant for the son of Kenya’s first president was a suicidal mission as it could politically disadvantage the most powerful family in the country.

” For sure this was the lowest point of my life. Give birth to the bastard and soil Kenyatta’s reputation or terminate it to protect his image? Questions ran through my mind as the father of the unborn baby had ordered me to do the latter. I a bid to protect my relationship with Margaret Kenyatta I had to abort it” Susan Kihika said in a statement.

When asked to comment on whether she continued to see President Kenyatta afterwards, Kihika replied “I was still this bad girl and I must admit yes.I regret everything though”


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