IG Mutyambai responds after Police roughed up Boniface Mwangi

Activist Boniface Mwangi was on Friday roughed up by officers from the General Service Unit (GSU).

The National Police Service (NPS) has, however, issued a statement denying claims that activist Boniface Mwangi was roughed up by General Service Unit (GSU) officers.

Police accused Mwangi of causing a commotion to aid the escape of defaulters who had been arrested by the GSU officers.

“The subject activist was not assaulted but instead caused an unnecessary drama by running away and felling himself on the floor only to cause a commotion that was meant to aid the escape of the arrested defaulters,”

said the NPS.

According to Mwangi, several young men who were accompanied by GSU officers walked into his barbershop on Friday and arrested the receptionist.

The police have denied Mwangi’s claim, saying he tried to obstruct the officers who were enforcing revenue collection obligations in partnership with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and the Nairobi County Government.

The police added that they suspect his intent was to help those arrested escape or to intimidate the officers from carrying out their duties.

“Though to be established substantively later, it is suspected that the activist took this path of open defiance of the law and obstruction of law enforcement agents for the purposes of either to facilitate escape of the arrested defaulter or to intimidate the officers from carrying out their lawful duties.”

KRA responded to the matter on social media, maintaining that all KRA staffers on duty must always provide identification before entering any business premises.

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