“It’s very painful, Akothee told her Christians don’t get married to Kambas and forced her to abort my child” MCA Tricky reveals

Kenyan humorist MCA Tricky has uncovered that Akothee constrained her girl, Rue Baby to do a fetus removal after he got her pregnant, saying that Christians don’t get married to Kambas.MCA precarious has interestingly spoken on the conditions under which he cut off his friendship with Rue Baby.

Taking it to Instagram, the joke artist disclosed to his fans why he is done being seen with Rue Baby after they dated for a very long time.

As indicated by MCA Tricky, he needed to consider it a conclusion to his friendship with Rue Baby, after her mom, Akothee requested that she complete a fetus removal.

MCA Tricky says that he got a call from Akothee who undermined him that she planned to sue him for purposefully impregnating her girl when he needs more cash to hold her to the family standard and way of life.

Days after the fact, he just heard from companions that Rue Baby had done an early termination subsequent to being constrained by her mother,r Akothee.

MCA Tricky likewise uncovered how Akothee created contempt towards him from the main day she understood that he was dating her little girl. He additionally uncovered that he was all at once pursued away after he had gone to visit Rue Baby at their home in Karen.

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