Video of Inooro’s Ken Wa Kuraya sweating on top of Lilian Muli emerge online

Snoopy Kenyans on social media have not hesitated from giving their views after a video of sassy Citizen TV presenter Lilian Muli and Inooro’s Ken Wa Kuraya doing bad manners emerged online.

The incident which allegedly occurred at the Emory Hotel has caused massive reactions amongst various social media users in the country.

Ken Wa Kuraya is seen sweating profusely in the thighs of Lilian Muli who seemed to be drunk like a skunk. A section of media users has ganged up to criticize Lilian Muli citing her move to fool around with Ken Wa Kuraya is a sign of being loose.

Ken wa kuraya however despite the drama took to social media to thank God for such a fruitful day and even thanked those who attended his friend’s party.

The nudity of the content in the video does not allow us to share it on this website due to google regulations.

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