“Unlike Ruto’s daughters,am still a virgin at 31” Winnie Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s last-born daughter Winnie Odinga who recently revealed that she will get married next year now says she is still a virgin.

Winnie Odinga was responding to a Tangatanga online critic who kept pestering her to declare her virginity status.

In a statement that has earned her both applause and criticism from various Kenyans, a defiant Winnie Odinga said “Tell whoever sent you that am a woman of dignity. Unlike Ruto’s daughters am still a virgin at 31l”

Kenyans affiliated to the Tangatanga expressed their anger by demanding Winnie Odinga to withdraw her remarks and apologize to the family of Kenya’s number two in command. Opposition supporters were quick to tell off the Tangatanga keyboard to know people before popping their nose in their business.

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