Media personality Mary Kilobi has urged young women in the country to invest in their education and careers and stop the overhyped pursuit of old men with an aim of siphoning wealth from them.

According to Mary Kilobi, many young ladies who don’t take time in identifying potential suitors end up with the old men they wanted then start seeking for sexual pleasure outside marriage, something that has greatly contributed to their downfall.

She laments that her COTU boss husband is recently underperforming in bed and blames it on the heavy workload he handles on a daily basis.”Politics finishes a man completely to the extent he may even forget his family. My husband has not been longing to see me lately and when he does,he underperforms unlike in the past when he was the bull I married. To the young women rushing to marry old men because others are doing it know it’s not a walk in the park” Mary Kilobi said in a statement.

Atwoli and Mary Kilobi got married back in June 2018.Atwoli, an outspoken trade unionist, met Mary Kilobi when she was still in University in Kampala.Kilobi’s entrance into Atwoli’s life was met with resistance from one of his other wives, leading to a public spat.

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