Mombasa socialite Trisha Khalid who recently confirmed that she is dating a senior government official has praised COTU boss Francis Atwoli as a proper gentleman that should be emulated by other men in the country.She recalls meeting Francis Atwoli at an an event in Mombasa,one thing led to another and they ended up exchanging contacts.

In her admission,Trisha Khalid whose real name is Fosi Mpole Hamis says she was bailed out from a financial problem after she just massaged the stomach of the COTU boss.”I just massaged his stomach and boooom,he gave me Ksh 10 million! I must say Francis Atwoli knows how to love and the woman he has must be a lucky woman” Trisha Khalid told a local blog.

Recently in an interview, the well-endowed socialite said she is not the first woman to date a married man and told off critics, telling them to give her a break.Trisha said many Kenyan ladies are dating married men, and her only difference with them is that their relationships are yet to be exposed to the public, probably because they are not as famous as she is.

She further claimed that the alleged senior government official is happy with their relationship and it is just a matter of time before he officially proposes to her as his second wife.

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