One of the most celebrated comedians in Kenya known as Flaqo got himself on the trend after his remarks and narration on how he came out to know that he has a child with a beautiful Kenyan Actress, Trisha Khalid.

Speaking during an interview, Flaqo said that in recent times he was ambushed by the Mombasa Actress who went ahead and told him that she has his child who was a daughter. Flaqo went on and insisted to see her. When he saw the daughter, he couldn’t deny because she had resembled him in everything. She was his lookalike apart from one thing.

The thing that wasn’t similar to him was farting. Flaqo said the baby was farting like the mother. He went ahead and agreed to take full responsibility of the young girl as a father.However, Flaqo was offended because the mother of her daughter had delivered her in Kenyan Hospitals and according to him, her mum was supposed to deliver the baby abroad as she bears the name of her mother.

Trisha rose to fame a few years ago after a skit she did ‘Tafuta mtu akushike‘ on TikTok went viral and had various producers looking for her.The Actress’s role as Ruby in the television series Kovu brought her a lot of attention, and has also done an outstanding job on the show Becky, which aired on Citizen TV.In recent times, Trisha has also participated in several other humorous skits, including some that were performed by Flaqo, who is a master of comic skits

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