A photo of Steven Ogweno

Steven Ogweno has cursed the day he was born after his stay at Aisha Jumwa‘s place turned into a nightmare that he dreaded the most in life.

According to the 29 year old, the former Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Affirmative Action and Gender in Kenya has been paying him handsomely for horizontal engineering services for the past one year she has been employed at her home.

He narrates that while cleaning the bedroom to his boss after she asked him,he bumped into ARV like tablets, something that is still hitting him hard in the head with questions.

According to the father of two,he is a family man and in the case he has contracted any virus then he will have done his wife the greatest injustice as he did not care to use any protection during his sex escapades. He has asked Kenyans to help him justice from the senior politician.

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