Youths flocked Uhuru Park grounds on Sunday, the site of the Shujaaz Memorial concert, dressed in black and waving Kenyan flags to honour those killed during anti-government protests over the last three weeks. Some concertgoers have demanded justice for those killed by rogue police officers, exercising their democratic right. Kenyan entertainers and activists who continue to rally the youth against bad leadership were among those in attendance.

Security was beefed up in the city’s Central Business District (CBD) and key government installations ahead of the Sunday concert. Protesters erected makeshift crosses bearing the names of Kenyans who died during anti-tax protests. The white crosses were adorned with the Kenyan flag.The Shujaaz memorial concert, which coincides with the historical Saba Saba day—a commemoration of July 7, 1990 protests that agitated for multi-party democracy—was the culmination of protests that had been ongoing for three weeks.

The protesters, the majority of whom are disenfranchised Kenyan youth, have demanded that the government take action against runway corruption, unchecked spending, and an overhaul of Kenya’s parliament. While the state claims that 25 people have been killed and 400 have been injured, rights groups believe the numbers are higher. According to the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC), at least 43 people were killed during the demonstrations, and over 600 were injured in varying degrees.

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