Prophet David Owuor says he’s been abstaining from sex for over 29 years since his stay in Israel to fully concentrate in spreading the message of Repentance and Holiness in the world.

In a statement that has sparked mixed reactions on social media platforms, the man of God has urged the sheep of Christ to emulate him as sexual sin is the biggest hindrance to entering the Kingdom of God. “I’ve not had sex for over 29 years and that has kept me focused in delivering the message of God to the world” Prophet Owuor said in a statement.

Owuor, who is not married, says: “In this calling one cannot be able to raise a family because you are always on the move from town to town, country to country.”

Having a family, he says, will tie him down and he may not be able to follow the will of God.He says he had a son in Israel and almost married the mother but he moved to the US and the girl’s family refused to let her go with him. While in the US, he also cohabited but the woman left after he started seeing visions.

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