Popular news anchor Lulu Hassan now says she is planning to file a divorce in a month’s time against her longtime husband popularly known as Rashid Abdalla citing “adultery and desertion” as reasons for calling it quits.

According to the fluent Swahili news anchor, celebrities also face challenges in their marriages and the broad smiles they maintain as they grace the screens is just part of their ethics in ensuring that their work is delivered efficiently.

Lulu Hassan claims that her husband has lately been is adulterous, having cheated on her with different celebrities on several occasions. There have been online sparks recently of various female celebrities in the country publicly claiming to have slept with the celebrated TV personality, Rashid Abdalla, something that Lulu Hassan has never taken lightly. She also asserts that her husband  has also lately deserted the family for the past one week despite them meeting to air news together thus making her life in the marriage to be one full of emptiness.

The Media personalities Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla have been together since 2007.Despite having lived together even before marriage, they claim that they did not get intimate.

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