61 Per Cent Of Kenyans Have No Plans For Christmas - Poll - hivipundetv.com

Approximately 61 per cent of Kenyans do not have plans for the Christmas festivities while 39 per cent know how they will spend the period, a new report by research firm Infotrak has revealed.

In terms of regions, 65 per cent of respondents in Nairobi have no idea how they are going to spend Christmas.

Central Region leads with the highest number of respondents who have no plans at 75 per cent while the Coastal region comes in second place at 69 per cent. The North Eastern region rounds up the top three with 65 per cent.

At least 66 per cent of the persons surveyed would rather be with their families during the period, while 24 per cent would opt to go to church instead.

21 per cent of the respondents are fine with being in the company of their friends while 12 per cent would rather drink and party during the period.


Only 8 per cent would like to stay indoors while one per cent of respondents would like to visit the less fortunate in the community.

Central Kenya has the highest percentage of those who plan to spend the festive seasons while partying and drinking at 26 per cent, with the North Eastern and Eastern regions coming in second and third at 20 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.

The report also revealed that 35 per cent of Kenyans overwhelmingly believe that the government is to blame for the economic difficulties being experienced in the country.

According to the report, corruption (32%), COVID-19 (20%), IMF (2%) and Devolution (2%) make up the top five economic problems in the country.

Four per cent of all respondents however are unsure about the country’s most pressing economic difficulty.

Respondents also cited high cost of living (21%), unemployment (15%) and poor infrastructure (15%) as the key issues of concern affecting them.


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