TV girl Mary Kilobi has publicly admitted that she is dissatisfied with Atwoli’s performance in bed blaming politics on her woes.

In a statement, a dejected Kilobi reveals that her husband is no longer giving her time,recalling an instance where he shoved her off when she tried begging for matrimonial rights from him.

“You may think I am okay but deep in me, I am an empty woman. Siasa imenimalizia mzee hata hataki kuniona!” Kilobi quipped.


Kenyans in the comment section have not hesitated to backlash the media personality with the usual mocks.

“Uliamini mambo ya wahenga wakisema paka mzee hunywa maziwa?I feel you Kilobi.It is time to call it a quit!” said a fan in the comment section.


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