Audio of Atwoli making unnecessary noise while hammering Aisha Jumwa emerges -

COTU boss,Omukhofu Francis Atwoli is the talk of the town again after being exposed for making unnecessary noise during merrymaking with Aisha Jumwa.

The two lovebirds reportedly produced weird sounds at a Hotel in Mombasa, attracting the attention of spectators.

“Alaaa!Alaaaa!Ua!Ua!” Atwoli was recorded shouting while merrymaking with the Malindi legislator.

In 2019, Aisha Jumwa and Atwoli exchanged words for over one month with each accusing the other of infidelity.


Aisha Jumwa told off Francis Atwoli for shaming her in public over her large body. Jumwa said Atwoli’s type of women are the “size of a Probox” and “cannot handle a V8 which is [my] caliber”.



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