Awkward moment as Diamond allegedly snubs Kenyan comedian Jaymo Ule Msee in Tanzania -

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has been accused of snubbing Kenyan content creator and comedian Jaymo Ule Msee at a photo session during the unveiling of the partnership between Odi Bets and Wasafi Bet.

During the launch, various celebrities took to the podium to pose for a photo to commemorate the ceremony. After a quick photo session, the artistes including Diamond shook hands before leaving.

However, what caught many people’s attention is that though Diamond shook hands with all who were at the podium but declined a handshake from Jaymo.

In a video circulating online, Jaymo is seen on several occasions extending his hands to the Wasafi boss but he (Diamond) keeps assuming him. The seemingly frustrated Jaymo later on left the stage without shaking hands with Diamond.


It is not immediately clear whether Diamond knowingly snubbed Jaymo or it was just a bad coincidence that he refused to pose for a picture with Jaymo nor shake hands with him.

His action, however, elicited mixed reactions online with some netizens claiming that it was embarrassing for Jaymo to attempt to pose for a photo with Diamond as well as have a handshake with him.

Below are some comments from some online users;

n.a.r.c.o.t.i.c.s: Aaah kwani ni kuchachishiana sasa.

eugeneeugo: wueeeh kuji embarasss waah ka ni mi ningepiga nduru hapo 😂😂 eeei 😮😮😂😂 waah🙌🙌

yycomedian: diamond ndio Ule Msee wa nipee mkono tushindane?

localboy_stanoicon: Pia hiyo ni comedy alifanya😂😂


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