"Babe Niko Dryspell" Karen Nyamu Tells Samidoh, Begs Him to Go to Her House - hivipundetv.com

City politician Karen Nyamu was heard begging Samidoh to come to her house and sleep with her.

Speaking to Samidoh in a phone conversation eves dropped by Hivipunde news, Karen said that for the one month when Samidoh was on a US music tour, she remained faithful to him.

However, since Samidoh came home a few days ago, he has never seen her or bothered to go and spend the night with her.

“Babe nimekumiss. Unajua ile month nilikaa tu dry spell. I was busy with campaigns and I love you so much. Woi, I wish ukuje ulale kwangu one week” Said the aspiring Nairobi county senator.


It is unclear what Samidoh said during the conversation but from the look of things, he might consider leaving his wife for just one week to have a piece of the juicy Karen Nyamu who is currently 8 months pregnant with their second baby.



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