"Babu ako na tabia mbaya.Anataka nimuonjeshe SIM 2" Fridah Muthoni on why she has called it a quit on Babu Owino - hivipundetv.com

Fridah Muthoni has ended her marriage to MP Babu Owino. This comes days after the two exchanged blows over bedroom issues.

On Friday evening, Fridah Muthoni claims that a seemingly drunk Babu Owino tried to horizontally engineer her from SIM 2, something she did not take lightly.

“Babu Owino ako na tabia mbaya sana. Anataka nimuonjeshe SIM 2 and I cannot take it anymore” a dejected Fridah Muthoni told a local daily.


Babu Owino is reported to have sent his longtime wife parking pending elders’ intervention into the matter after Fridah Muthoni allegedly referred him to as shoga.

In the comment section, Kenyans are divided in opinion with some urging  Fridah to submit to her husband as commanded in the holy books while others commending her for quitting the marriage maintaining that it serves Babu Owino right.



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