BARINGO: Unknown People Steal UDA Wheelbarrows Hoisted On The Streets -

Supporters of DP William Ruto in Kabarnet, Baringo County, have been combing the streets in search of three wheelbarrows that had been hoisted in the middle of the town – but were allegedly stolen by unknown people at night.

The supporters of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) – allied to DP Ruto – had bought the wheelbarrows which they went on to hoist in the middle of the town as a way of expressing their political allegiance – only for them to be stolen in the dead of the night.

A total of three wheelbarrows had been strategically placed within Baringo town by suresidents who sought to show their support for Ruto and his Hustler narrative.

The wheelbarrows which were painted in UDA traditional colours of yellow and black, had political symbols drawn on them, and stood at major points among them, the marketplace, City clock area near the County Assembly and at the Matatu terminus.


The next morning – however – the supporters of UDA were shocked when they woke up to an empty street. The wheelbarrows were gone.

Some Hustler supporters have since accused their KANU rivals of sabotage.

“I have a feeling KANU supporters may have had a hand in this incident because this region has for long supported the party. If it’s them, then that’s wrong,” said one UDA supporter.

Some KANU supporters have denied any involvement – and instead accused UDA supporters of stealing their own wheelbarrows and blaming it on KANU just to win political sympathy.

At the time, only one wheelbarrow ‘planted’ at the market place is still remaining, giving hope to the party – but even this one – the residents fear it could soon be stolen.


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