"Can Diana undo or delete my fuck?" Willy Paul disses Bahati - hivipundetv.com

Shortly after musician Bahati came out in defense of his wife Diana by criticizing Willy Paul, the whole tune changed.

In a statement, an unapologetic Willy Paul reminded Bahati that he has fooled with his wife on several occasions and there is nothing he can do about it.

“Kanyambeni huko!Can Diana undo or delete my fuck?The answer is NO as it is going to remain a reality forever” artist Willy Paul said in a statement.

Netizens have expressed missed expressions with some fans saying Diana made the rape accusations in order to get attention.

Willy Paul challenged the rapper to be brave enough and tell her husband, Bahati, the true accounts of events during their encounter on that fateful day.


I know people will not believe me, but whatever you (Diana) said about rape is a big lie. That’s a big lie. I have never raped anyone. Tell your husband the truth.

Tell him you slept at my place on your own volition and whatever happened thereafter was with your consent. Whatever allegations you’ve leveled against me are falsified and you know it,” he said.


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